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Carroll residence

The client's house on Seattle's Queen Anne Hill had a plain, uninviting facade and front entry. The ground level front door entered directly off the driveway. Visitors then had to walk up a long, narrow flight of stairs to reach the main living spaces on the second level.

Drawing of Carroll residence before remodel, showing plain, flat facade

Our solution was to raise the front entry and surround it with an inviting covered porch. The old interior stairway was converted to include a raised foyer entry area with a short flight of stairs leading to the main living areas on the second floor level.

Drawing of Carroll residence after remodeling, showing elevated entry porch and new cascading rooflines adding visual interest to the front of the residence

We also added a tiered, cascading roof structure, horizontal lap siding, french doors and balcony off the living room, and a new color palette.

The remodeled home has a new and tasteful sense of dignity which now fits respectfully into its sophisticated neighborhood

Photo of residence after remodeling

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